Expertise combined with unwavering commitment and high standards, learned in renowned training stables, are the characteristics of which Katrin Meyer portrays. A native of Switzerland, Katrin is based at the "Gut Mödrath" riding facility in Kerpen and in Switzerland close to Lucerne. She has had success up to S level (Grand Prix) and she teaches motivated riders and gives them the neccessary tools for optimum advancement. Her goal: to optimize and promote any breed or training level of horse and rider, so that both have enjoyable experiences with functionality and success for a harmonious partnership.

Services Available:

Clinics in your home stabe in english, spanisch and german!

* Riding of training and correctional horses using a flexible program:
Consistent single, half or full training
Nice, bright stalls for horses in half or full training are available at Verlacher Hof. Please ask
about our flat-rate deals!

* Individual lessons available for horse and rider. Topics covered under the tutelage of Katrin
Meyer include:
- Management and consultation of feeding, care, proper equipment, handling and the integration of a training plan
- Video analysis of lessons
- Riding theory
- Gymnastic training over jumps and cavaletti
- Longe line lessons for seat improvement
- Work in hand
- Gymnastic longe work

* Coaching at competions

* Presentation of dressage horses at competitions

* New: Independant seat training methods developed by sports expert, Eckhardt Meyners. Meyners spent years developing a system that concentrates on the rider. It is a system that the riding teacher can integrate into any training plan. Previously, many teachers concentrated too much on the horse and not enough on the rider. With the help of this 6-point-program from Meyners, the trainer can advance the rider much quicker to achieve harmony with the horse. This system has been so effective and successful that the Professional Riders Group acknowledged this and there is now a certified program available for trainers. With the help of this new program, it has made it easier for trainers to create harmony between student and horse. The rider is freed of blockages, stress factors and muscle tension, so that the communication between horses and rider is more effective and harmonious.

* Availability for clinics for all rider levels, also in other stables.