The connection between horse and rider is, and always has been, fascinating - so that it is functionable and harmonious and the riding becomes easy and soft instead of a continuous struggle, there are several guidlines available.   This is how Katrin Meyers examines her lessons and training, not just in the moment but also over a longer period of time looking deep into cause and effect:  Does the saddle fit?  How is the horse cared for?  Is the feed correct for this horse? What is the horses personality and his health?  "The training of the horse must coincide with the horses physical and mental state.  Most importantly for me, is correct training using the training scale and that the horse and his health is a priority.   The horse can only develop the correct muscles through a systematic training program.  Only then can a relaxed horse peform over a long period of time!  In conclusion, Dressage has nothing to do with the training of tricks", she says, after reflecting on her time at Klaus Balkenhol's.  The well-founded guidelines for society to preserve and develop the classical riding culture - Xenophon - are for her most important.   

"The goal in training is this, to develop the horse through a systematic training, gymnastisizing work so that the horse can effortlessly carry his rider and simultaneously express controlled relaxation and expressive movement.   With higher collection the horses balance is refined and the horse becomes lighter on the forehand, "selfcarriage", and wins the charisma of an expressive personality." 

This was formulated by the genius author and trainer, Xenophon, 400 b.c. - the validity of his methods and theories still stand true today.   The horse must be seen as a partner, not as a piece of sports equipment.   "For me horses are a part of our culture, riding is a tradition and must be cared for and preserved.  Horses strengthen the personalities and characters of people.   It does not matter what breed or at what training level a horse is at, every horse can improve and develop in every dimension", is what Katrin Meyer truely believes.  She strongly believes that a rider should really understand what, how, and why things are done, because of this she integrates a lot of theory and knowledge into her lessons, complimenting the training with gymnastic jumping and hacking to allow for a flowing training system.

For engaged riders, Katrin Meyers recommends the following books:


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