on grounds of my longtime experience I have lots of personal contacts to breeders, especially in Germany and the Netherlands. because of this Iam able to see the development of horses from an early age on and I can communicate as a contact person for sport horses as well as horses for your recreation. through my longtime work as a trainer, I know the needs of people who look for a horse very well. it is important to find the perfect combination between horse and rider. I am happy to help you with my contacts and knowledge to find the horse you looking for. I also own several horses and they are available for sale too, of course I raised and trained them myself. my activities doesn't stop with the purchase. if you wish I organise the Vet-Check with selected Vets as well as the safe transport to different countries. moreover the lawer Mr.Christian Weiß could be your attorney for the complete sale agreement and the purchase price handling.


please notice that the horses on my homepage are just a selection!
please send me your wishes, perceptions and ideas and I will show you more examples and suggestions.

und viele mehr!

Isabel Jüstrich Grisbaldi v. Gribaldi

Isabel Jüstrich Rose Time v. Rosengold

Weisscera v. Dressage Royal / Corinna Strauch


Floppy Disk/ Ingrid Berger


Cunessa v. United / Vera Andrist

Salvaro v. San Remo/ Mario Vargas

Balotelly/ Annemarie Järmann

Casper v. Gribaldi/ Ilana Billig

Duplo v. Desperados /Susi Meyer

Worldpoint v. Weltmeyer / Lüthi